Fire Track: Footballhead – “Overthinking Everything”

Chicago’s Footballhead has joined Tiny Engines who will give their debut album, Overthinking Everything, a proper release in early 2024. Originally self-released digitally by the band in the Summer of 2023, the album has been remastered by Jesse Cannon (Basement, The Menzingers, Saves The Day, Somos). Overthinking Everything is out March 1st and the title track and the 4th single from the album is … Read more

Bandcamp Artists Of The Week: Discover, Support, Share

Bandcamp is such a great place for music discovery! Knowing what TFN readers like, we have searched the vast pages and recent submissions to offer up a nice selection of new music for you this week. Three artists today that might be your new favorite is a guitar-bass due from China, psychedelic soul from New … Read more

Spirit Of The Beehive: Hypnic Jerks [Album Review]

Spirit Of The Beehive Hypnic Jerks Tiny Engines [2018] Who: Philadelphia-based Spirit of the Beehive offer us a meandering psychedelic trip. Sound: Hypnic Jerks is a more mellow affair than the Beehive’s last LP. It is also a bit more of a chore to listen to. TFN Final Take: I was amazed by 2017’s Pleasure … Read more

Spirit Of The Beehive: Pleasure Suck [Album Review]

Spirit Of The Beehive Pleasure Suck Tiny Engines [2017] Who: Philadelphia-based Spirit of the Beehive deliver a superb album packed with lo-fi psychedelic charm. Sound: Pleasure Suck is a giant leap forward for the band. Their earlier LP and EP were good, but this album emits a warm druggy vibe that is part slacker rock, … Read more

Emperor X: Oversleepers International [Album Review]

Emperor X Oversleepers International Tiny Engines [2017] Fire Note Says: Offering an up-tempo lyrical tour of politics and contemporary despair, Oversleepers International will bewilder listeners and keep them on their toes with genre-bending arrangements. Album Review: If Conor Oberst had a knack for pop and dropped out of a Political Science PhD. program, he might’ve … Read more

Sinai Vessel: Brokenlegged [Album Review]

Sinai Vessel Brokenlegged Tiny Engines [2017] Who: Sinai Vessel began as a one-man project for singer/guitarist Caleb Cordes which released a debut full length in 2011 and his Profanity EP in 2014, with the help of some volunteer musicians. The band we hear today formed after the 2014 release so Brokenlegged feels like a true … Read more

TFN New Music Spotlight: Sinai Vessel – “Dark Places”

Sinai Vessel began as a one-man project for singer/guitarist Caleb Cordes before ultimately becoming the fully-realized, collaborative group that produced the new full length debut, Brokenlegged. The album is out January 27th on Tiny Engines, and was recorded in its entirety twice. After writing, arranging, and completing the material for the LP all through 2014 … Read more

Personal Space: Ecstatic Burbs [Album Review]

Personal Space Ecstatic Burbs Tiny Engines Records [2016] Who: Brooklyn, NY’s Personal Space have just released their debut full-length, Ecstatic Burbs, which is a follow up to the band’s debut EP release from 2014, The Early Universe Was Entirely Opaque. The EP is available for a name-your-price download on Bandcamp. Sound: Ecstatic Burbs is a … Read more

Sweet John Bloom: Weird Player [Album Review]

Sweet John Bloom Weird Player Tiny Engines [2015] Fire Drill Album Review: Cambridge, MA’s Sweet John Bloom play quick and fast post-punk rock that will keep your feet tapping. Clocking 15 songs in 35 minutes is harder to do than you might think, especially when they cram all of their high energy guitar and lyrics … Read more

Annabel: Having It All [Album Review]

Annabel Having It All Tiny Engines [2015] Fire Note Says: Time to reconnect with your emo feelings! Album Review: At some point do you ever feel like you are too old for a genre of music? I have had those thoughts over the years about emo but always remind myself how I will still turn … Read more

Beach Slang: Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street EP [Album Review]

Beach Slang Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street EP Tiny Engines [2014] Fire Note Says: Beach Slang add another strong EP to their resume. Album Review: This new EP from Beach Slang makes one solid point – it is time for a full length. Stop giving us these short power EPs that just feel … Read more

Mannequin Pussy: Gypsy Pervert [Album Review]

Mannequin Pussy Gypsy Pervert Tiny Engines [2014] Fire Note Says: Don’t let the name scare you – Mannequin Pussy are for real! Album Review: You can give me a revved up 10 song, 19 minute record any day. New York’s Mannequin Pussy does exactly that as their debut, Gypsy Pervert, contains a raw burst of … Read more

NYC’s Mannequin Pussy debut is available on 100 LTD Starburst

Tiny Engines always does a nice job at making special wax pressings. The debut from Mannequin Pussy is no different and the first 100 are a stylin’ White w/ Blue & Red Starburst. You can pre-order a copy HERE. Be fast though because Tiny Engines fans typically swoop these first pressings up quickly. PRESSING INFORMATION … Read more

The Hotelier – On Tour with Foxing / September Shows with Laura Stevenson / Playing Riot Fest

Worcester, MA ‘s The Hotelier is heading out on tour with Foxing in support of the band’s sophomore LP, Home, Like Noplace Is There. Little Big League and Prawn are playing on select dates as well. The Hotelier has also announced September dates with Laura Stevenson amongst their Riot Fest appearances in Toronto and Chicago. … Read more

Beach Slang: Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken? EP [Album Review]

Beach Slang Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken? EP Dead Broke Rekerds [2014] Fire Note Says: Beach Slang bring back a glorious 90’s sound. Album Review: Philadelphia’s Beach Slang are a supergroup of sorts of an older indie scene. The three piece features James Snyder of Weston, JP Flexner of Ex-Friends and Ed McNulty, … Read more

Somos: Temple Of Plenty [Album Review]

Somos Temple Of Plenty Tiny Engines [2014] Fire Note Says: Somos unearth a genre on their pop-inflected emo punk debut. Album Review: When you get to a certain age the saying “what was old is new again” seems to become a more common occurrence which just is a nod to my experience! Sure! Take the … Read more

The Hotelier: Home, Like Noplace Is There [Album Review]

The Hotelier Home, Like Noplace Is There Tiny Engines [2014] Fire Note Says: The Hotelier bring emo-punk back to proper form on sophomore record. Album Review: Emo has been back n forth with the cool kids table for a good number of years now but just as much as it is easy to accuse some … Read more

Tiny Engines Interview with Will Miller [Label Profile]

The intent of our Label Profile feature is to simply highlight a record label that we feel aligns with our own belief here at The Fire Note that music is an experience. Today we profile Tiny Engines. A huge thanks to Will Miller (pictured in grey) for taking the time to answer our questions. Make … Read more

Little Big League – LTD Debut LP Available From Tiny Engines

These Are Good People, the debut LP from Philadelphia, PA’s Little Big League is now available for Pre-Order from Tiny Engines HERE. Every vinyl order includes an instant download for the entire album. As well, when picking up the new Little Big League LP today, you can use the coupon code LBL20 for 20% off … Read more

Run Forever / State Lines: Winter Tour Begins Jan 03 – 19

Beginning this Thursday (Jan 3rd), Tiny Engines’ label mates RUN, FOREVER (Pittsburgh, PA) and STATE LINES (Long Island, NY) are teaming up for a three-week Winter Tour that will find both outfits playing shows throughout the East Coast, Southeast and Midwest. Run, Forever is touring in support of its new full-length, Settling, which (after a … Read more