Nun: Nun [Album Review]

Nun Nun HoZac Records [2015] Fire Drill Album Review: Nun are from Australia, and as I am sure many of you know, there has never been a bad band from Australia. They are never not good…period. Think I’m kidding, go ahead try and name one. Add Nun to the roll call of great Australian bands, … Read more

Lost Boy?: Canned [Album Review]

Lost Boy? Canned Papercup Music [2015] Fire Note Says: Lost Boy? are a dream come true for 90’s indie rock fans. Bits and pieces of your favorite bands pasted together in a catchy and fun album. Album Review: I have been listening to Davey Jones’ project, Lost Boy? for the last year or so. They … Read more

Evans The Death: Expect Delays [Album Review]

Evans The Death Expect Delays Slumberland Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Evans the Death enthralls with Expect Delays. Album Review: London’s Evans The Death has returned with their second album, Expect Delays, following up their 2012 eponymous debut. Band members include Katherine Whitaker (vocals and keys), Dan Moss (guitar), Olly Moss (bass), and James Burkitt … Read more

Madonna: Rebel Heart [Album Review]

Madonna Rebel Heart Boy Toy / Interscope Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Rebel Heart is a pretty safe and predictable offering. Album Review: We have to give Madonna her due. In 1983, it was easy to assume that she was just one more “Lucky Star,” a flash in the pan, one and done. Dance/disco acts … Read more

Pile: You’re Better Than This [Album Review]

Pile You’re Better Than This Exploding In Sound Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Pile’s third LP continues their trend of incredible releases, and this time they have out done themselves. This is album of the year material. Album Review: Once upon a time, I heard a disjointed, but oddly intriguing LP, Pavement’s Slanted and Enchanted. … Read more

Will Butler: Policy [Album Review]

Will Butler Policy Merge Records [2015] Fire Note Says: The solo debut from Arcade Fire’s spunky multi-instrumentalist Will Butler. Album Review: Who is Will Butler you ask? Well, he is a multi-instrumentalist from the band Arcade Fire and also the younger brother of lead singer Win. I will admit that Will is not the first … Read more

Jeff the Brotherhood: Wasted On The Dream [Album Review]

Jeff the Brotherhood Wasted On The Dream Infinity Cat Recordings [2015] Fire Note Says: Wasted on the Dream mixes moments of catchy head banging fuzz rock with head scratching cheese-pop. Album Review: The scuzz/fuzz duo from Nashville are back for their 8th album, Wasted on the Dream. They have brought a big sound with them … Read more