Nun: Nun [Album Review]

nun Nun
HoZac Records [2015]

Fire Drill Album Review: Nun are from Australia, and as I am sure many of you know, there has never been a bad band from Australia. They are never not good…period. Think I’m kidding, go ahead try and name one. Add Nun to the roll call of great Australian bands, I will go out on a limb and say they might be the best dark synth punk band from Australia ever, except that they aren’t always synth punk. Sometimes their music inspires the same dark visions that Kraftwerk inspired, and other times you get the whole Suicide vibe.

Nun’s music on their debut album is dark, it’s spacious, and it’s in your face while at the same time staying back out of your face. Check out the tracks “Cronenberg” and “Evoke the Sleep” to see what this band is all about. Don’t be afraid of my description of them, even as dark and foreboding as their soundscapes are, they still retain some fine pop elements, you will be surprised – I can guarantee you that. You might not hear another album like this for quite some time, it’s completely unique and out of step with most music today, call it anachronistic if you will.

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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