Sara Jackson-Holman: Cardiology [Album Review]

Sara Jackson-Holman Cardiology Expunged Records [2012] Fire Note Says: Fans of quirky, soulful female artists will love Sara Jackson-Holman’s Cardiology. Album Review: With similar fun, quirky, and soulful tracks like that of Ingrid Michaelson, Feist, and Fiona Apple, Sara Jackson-Holman’s sophomore album, Cardiology, provides a variety of beats and sounds. Each track has a different … Read more

Foreign Talks: Foreign Talks [Album Review]

Foreign Talks Foreign Talks Expunged Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Foreign Talks shows loads of potential on their debut. Album Review: After generating significant online buzz, Portland-based Foreign Talks’s self-titled debut album has arrived, and while it will no doubt be enthusiastically accepted by those who are into the band’s musical aesthetic (more on that … Read more