PC Worship: Social Rust [Album Review]

PC Worship Social Rust Northern Spy Records / Dull Tools [2014] Fire Note Says: PC Worship stir up a disorienting sonic slurry. Album Review: My first listen to Social Rust, I knew nothing about the band that produced the album. That wasn’t a deliberate choice, really, but once I hit play it made sense to … Read more

Dirty Lungs: Dirty Lungs [Album Review]

Dirty Lungs Dirty Lungs Communicating Vessels [2014] Fire Note Says: Dirty Lungs dig up some retro-leaning hard psych, but leave a little modern dirt. Album Review: Dirty Lungs’ self-titled LP opens strong with “I Suck in Bed,” a scuzzy, raging garage rocker with a catchy wordless vocal refrain. It’s so strong, in fact, that I … Read more

Chris Staples: American Soft [Album Review]

Chris Staples American Soft Barsuk Records [2014] Fire Note Says: A charming and understated indie-pop/singer-songwriter album. Album Review: The penultimate track on Chris Staples’ American Soft is called “Needle Park,” and it’s really great. The instantly catchy chorus of “Well would I ever lie to you? / Of course I would, of course I would,” … Read more