A. Savage: Thawing Dawn [Album Review]

A. Savage Thawing Dawn Dull Tools [2017] Who: A. Savage is best known as one of the frontman for Parquet Courts. This is his first solo record, that was recorded between December 2016 and June 2017 by a group of Savage’s friends that included members of Woods, Ultimate Painting, PC Worship, EZTV, Sunwatchers, and Psychic … Read more

PC Worship: Social Rust [Album Review]

PC Worship Social Rust Northern Spy Records / Dull Tools [2014] Fire Note Says: PC Worship stir up a disorienting sonic slurry. Album Review: My first listen to Social Rust, I knew nothing about the band that produced the album. That wasn’t a deliberate choice, really, but once I hit play it made sense to … Read more

Yuppies: Yuppies [Album Review]

Yuppies Yuppies Dull Tools Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Yuppies come at you from all angles on self-titled debut! Album Review: Over the decades of music there has always been bands that just came off as weird. Not bad weird but good music odd weird. You know the bands I am talking about – gorgeous … Read more

Parquet Courts: Light Up Gold [Album Review]

Parquet Courts Light Up Gold Dull Tools Records [2012] Fire Note Says: Parquet Courts released one of the indie rock gems of 2012 – glad we finally took a listen! Album Review: Sometimes in the review world you feel like a total idiot when you miss one. I say that as we were late to … Read more