Bear In Heaven: Time Is Over One Day Old [Album Review]

Bear In Heaven Time Is Over One Day Old Dead Oceans [2014] Fire Note Says: Bear In Heaven sticks with their sound for better and worse on Time Is Over One Day Old. Album Review: Bear In Heaven is one of those bands with a distinctive sound. You know when you’re listening to a Bear … Read more

Twin Peaks: Wild Onion [Album Review]

Twin Peaks Wild Onion Grand Jury Music [2014] Fire Note Says: Chicago’s Twin Peaks show off their many different sides. Album Review: I like it when a relatively new band swings for the fences. That is how I feel Chicago’s Twin Peaks approached their sophomore album, Wild Onion. Earlier this year the band hinted that … Read more

David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights: End Times Undone [Album Review]

David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights End Times Undone Merge Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Yet another in a long line of consistently excellent releases from the New Zealand legend! Album Review: David Kilgour has been releasing and performing music since the late 70’s, starting with The Clean before moving on to The Great Unwashed, … Read more

Chris Staples: American Soft [Album Review]

Chris Staples American Soft Barsuk Records [2014] Fire Note Says: A charming and understated indie-pop/singer-songwriter album. Album Review: The penultimate track on Chris Staples’ American Soft is called “Needle Park,” and it’s really great. The instantly catchy chorus of “Well would I ever lie to you? / Of course I would, of course I would,” … Read more