The Church: The Hypnogogue [Album Review]

The ChurchThe HypnogogueCommunicating Vessels [2023] The stature and reputation of Australian indie/rock band The Church is such that with only one charting Top 40 hit to their name, “Under the Milky Way” from the band’s 1988 release Starfish, in 2015 and again in 2016 they shared a co-headlining tour bill with The Psychedelic Furs, the … Read more

Dirty Lungs: Dirty Lungs [Album Review]

Dirty Lungs Dirty Lungs Communicating Vessels [2014] Fire Note Says: Dirty Lungs dig up some retro-leaning hard psych, but leave a little modern dirt. Album Review: Dirty Lungs’ self-titled LP opens strong with “I Suck in Bed,” a scuzzy, raging garage rocker with a catchy wordless vocal refrain. It’s so strong, in fact, that I … Read more

Preston Lovinggood: Shadow Songs [Album Review]

Preston Lovinggood Shadow Songs Communicating Vessels [2014] Fire Note Says: Preston Lovinggood’s follow-up is just as strong as his debut. Album Review: Preston Lovinggood’s solo debut, Sun Songs, came out just last year. His newest release, Shadow Songs, as you might be able to detect, is a sequel of sorts to his first album. The … Read more

Fire Note Video Premiere: Shaheed & DJ Supreme – “Saliva”

The Fire Note admittedly does not pay enough attention to the indie hip hop scene but Birmingham’s Shaheed & DJ Supreme have caught our ear with their newly released record Knowledge, Rhythm and Understanding. It also is a plus that Shaheed & DJ Supreme have found a quality record label that we are familiar with … Read more

Communicating Vessels Interview with Jeffrey Cain [Label Profile]

The intent of our Label Profile feature is to simply highlight a record label that we feel aligns with our own belief here at The Fire Note that music is an experience. Today we profile Communicating Vessels. A huge thanks to founder Jeffrey Cain for taking the time to answer our questions. If you like … Read more

Preston Lovinggood: Sun Songs [Album Review]

Preston Lovinggood Sun Songs Communicating Vessels [2013] Fire Note Says: Preston Lovinggood surprises with a sensuous debut album. Album Review: Preston Lovinggood was most recently in the band Wild Sweet Orange who were based out of Birmingham, AL. With this in mind I was expecting some strong Southern rock as I fired up Sun Songs. … Read more

The Grenadines: The Grenadines [Album Review]

The Grenadines The Grenadines Communicating Vessels [2013] Fire Note Says: The Grenadines debut album is a diverse and uneven ride. Album Review: Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, The Grenadines make zero effort to conceal their Southern roots. Fronted by husband/wife team of Michael and Lauren Shackelford, they make a noise approximating a Dixie Yo La Tengo … Read more