Guided By Voices: Nowhere To Go But Up [Album Review]

Guided By VoicesNowhere To Go But UpGBV Inc. [2023] Sixteen. That’s how many albums the current lineup of Guided By Voices has managed to release since they formed in 2016. The band (as a concept) just celebrated its 40th anniversary a few months ago, with a pair of shows in Dayton that drew fans from … Read more

Circus Devils: Squeeze The Needle [Album Review]

Circus DevilsSqueeze The NeedleGBV Inc. [2023] The “comeback album” is a risky proposition. More often than not, once a band has gone on hiatus or broken up it’s hard to recapture the original chemistry. Expectations run high, usually too high for the final result to meet. There are some pretty good comeback albums, but the … Read more

Fire Track: Guided By Voices – “For The Home”

Guided By Voices (the ever-evolving act led by Robert Pollard) has announced details on their third album of 2023 (and 39th overall), Nowhere To Go But Up (due November 24 via GBV Inc). One of the most fully realized works that GBV has created, the forthcoming LP showcases an expert rock band at the top … Read more

Circus Devils – “Here We Are” [Video]

Formed in 2001, the psychedelic rock trio Circus Devils features vocalist Robert Pollard, backed by brothers Todd Tobias and Tim Tobias. In their first album in six years, and their 15th overall, Circus Devils is back with Squeeze The Needle (due October 27 via GBV Inc.); a funhouse romp full of rock and roll swagger … Read more

Guided By Voices: Welshpool Frillies [Album Review]

Guided By VoicesWelshpool FrilliesGBV Inc. [2023] Figuring out how to rate a new Guided By Voices album is hard. Do I compare it against the most recent albums or their entire discography? How will I feel about it after the next four come out? Will the hardcore fans think I’m being too harsh? Will the … Read more

Guided By Voices: La La Land [Album Review]

Guided By VoicesLa La LandGBV Inc. [2023] After releasing two excellent albums last year (Crystal Nuns Cathedral and Tremblers and Goggles By Rank), Guided By Voices are getting 2023 started early with La La Land, their 37th album (depending on how you count). If you’ve been keeping up with the band the last few years … Read more

Guided By Voices: Tremblers And Goggles By Rank [Album Review]

Guided By VoicesTremblers And Goggles By RankGBV Inc. [2022] Depending on how you add them up, Tremblers And Goggles By Rank is Guided By Voices’ thirty-sixth album. For the current lineup, featuring Doug Gillard and Bobby Bare Jr. on guitars, Kevin March on drums, Mark Shue on bass, and Travis Harrison handling production duties, this … Read more

Guided By Voices – “Lizard On The Red Brick Wall” [Video]

“Lizard On The Red Brick Wall” is the banger lead track from Guided By Voices forthcoming album, Tremblers And Goggles By Rank, which sees its official release Friday July 1, 2022. The song pushes a more wild post-punk meets psychedelic GBV that is completely fresh and another stand out from their massive catalog of tracks! … Read more

Guided By Voices: Crystal Nuns Cathedral [Album Review]

Guided By VoicesCrystal Nuns CathedralGBV Inc. [2022] If I asked you today to make me a list of current rock bands that have been putting out consistent albums over the last several years what names would you write down? Still thinking? Is Guided By Voices on your list and looking fairly lonely at the top? … Read more

Guided By Voices: It’s Not Them. It Couldn’t Be Them. It Is Them! [Album Review]

Guided By VoicesIt’s Not Them. It Couldn’t Be Them. It Is Them!GBV Inc. [2021] It wouldn’t feel like the year is coming to an end without getting one more Guided By Voices record to rock out to until the calendar flips to 2022. The band’s 34th album, It’s Not Them. It Couldn’t Be Them. It … Read more

Fire Track: Guided By Voices – “My (Limited) Engagement”

Guided By Voices Announces their latest LP, It’s Not Them, It Couldn’t Be Them, It Is Them which will be out October 22nd via GBV Inc. This hook heavy track is hard to ignore! You can pre-order the album HERE at Rockathon Records. It’s Not Them It Couldn’t Be Them It Is Them TRACKLISTING 1. … Read more

Cub Scout Bowling Pins: Clang Clang Ho [Album Review]

Cub Scout Bowling PinsClang Clang HoGBV Inc. [2021] If you are going into this band completely blind then it is important to know that Cub Scout Bowling Pins is a new secret identity for the current lineup of Guided By Voices. Like so many other Robert Pollard related “side” projects, Cub Scout Bowling Pins has … Read more

Fire Track: Cub Scout Bowling Pins – “Magic Taxi”

Cub Scout Bowling Pins returns with a new track, “Magic Taxi”, off their debut LP Clang Clang Ho which will hit playlists on July 2nd via Rockathon Records. This track follows their excellent Headphone Approved EP, Heaven Beats Iowa that was released in January of this year! According to the ears that have heard it, … Read more

Guided By Voices: Earth Man Blues [Album Review]

Guided By VoicesEarth Man BluesGBV Inc. [2021] The 33rd Guided By Voices album, Earth Man Blues, is one of the most in sync records that members Pollard, Gillard, Bare Jr., Shue and March have released together. For those not as familiar with the band, you might question how this could be since so many groups … Read more

Cub Scout Bowling Pins: Heaven Beats Iowa [Album Review]

Cub Scout Bowling PinsHeaven Beats IowaGBV Inc. [2021] It didn’t take too long before Cub Scout Bowling Pins was revealed to be the current lineup of Guided By Voices. That news of course heightened the excitement behind the release of this EP, Heaven Beats Iowa. That elation is because if you have followed the storied … Read more

Cash Rivers And The Sinners: Bad Side Of The Coin (Die Cut 3D Embossed Jacket | 1000 Copies)

I think if you watch the video above it will explain it all. It also will explain why you need this piece of wax for $40. Ha – either you get it or you don’t but trust us when we say you should pick up this album. Cash Rivers is retiring and this is one … Read more

Guided By Voices: Mirrored Aztec [Album Review]

Guided By VoicesMirrored AztecGBV Inc. [2020] Go big or go home feels like the unwritten motto on the newest Guided By Voices album Mirrored Aztec. On their second record release of 2020, GBV looks to hit every one of these eighteen tracks out of the rock n’ roll park! For fans, that means big riffs, … Read more

Guided By Voices: Surrender Your Poppy Field [Album Review]

Guided By Voices Surrender Your Poppy Field GBV Inc. [2020] The 2020 release calendar finally feels official with a new album from Guided By Voices. After releasing three records in 2019, GBV is back officially with their newest album of indie rockers, Surrender Your Poppy Field. If you are a follower of Bob Pollard then … Read more

Guided By Voices: Sweating The Plague [Album Review]

Guided By Voices Sweating The Plague GBV, Inc. [2019] TFN Album Review: Sweating The Plague is Guided By Voices third album release in 2019 and I feel it is their best. That statement alone could be debated for weeks, and already has in GBV groups across the land, but when the last strum of guitar … Read more

Guided By Voices: Warp And Woof [Album Review]

Guided By Voices Warp And Woof GBV, Inc. [2019] Fire Note Says: After a couple recent near-masterpieces, Guided By Voices release the uniquely-curated album Warp And Woof! Album Review: As I sit here on a beautiful spring day in Bellefontaine, Ohio my mind keeps wandering. How do cell phones work? Why do people watch Fox … Read more

Guided By Voices: Zeppelin Over China [Album Review]

Guided By Voices Zeppelin Over China GBV, Inc.[2019] Fire Note Says: Guided By Voices’ latest effort is a 32 song, double album behemoth. But is it any good? Album Review: After dedicating all of last year to the release and support of one (just one) album, the late-career masterpiece Space Gun, Robert Pollard and his … Read more

Guided By Voices: Space Gun [Album Review]

Guided By Voices Space Gun GBV, Inc. [2018] Fire Note Says: Robert Pollard and his band of merry men use every trick in the book and create a masterpiece. Album Review: I have been a fan of Guided By Voices since I first heard Bee Thousand way back in 1994. It seemed timeless yet still … Read more

Guided By Voices: Ogre’s Trumpet [Album Review]

Guided By Voices Ogre’s Trumpet GBV, Inc. [2018] Fire Note Says: The latest incarnation of a legendary band proves they’re still a deadly live act. Album Review: Sometimes bands release live albums as nothing more than sleazy cash grabs or they may be bankrupt of new and original ideas so they endlessly repackage past glories. … Read more