Cub Scout Bowling Pins: Clang Clang Ho [Album Review]

Cub Scout Bowling PinsClang Clang HoGBV Inc. [2021] If you are going into this band completely blind then it is important to know that Cub Scout Bowling Pins is a new secret identity for the current lineup of Guided By Voices. Like so many other Robert Pollard related “side” projects, Cub Scout Bowling Pins has … Read more

Fire Track: Cub Scout Bowling Pins – “Magic Taxi”

Cub Scout Bowling Pins returns with a new track, “Magic Taxi”, off their debut LP Clang Clang Ho which will hit playlists on July 2nd via Rockathon Records. This track follows their excellent Headphone Approved EP, Heaven Beats Iowa that was released in January of this year! According to the ears that have heard it, … Read more

Cub Scout Bowling Pins: Heaven Beats Iowa [Album Review]

Cub Scout Bowling PinsHeaven Beats IowaGBV Inc. [2021] It didn’t take too long before Cub Scout Bowling Pins was revealed to be the current lineup of Guided By Voices. That news of course heightened the excitement behind the release of this EP, Heaven Beats Iowa. That elation is because if you have followed the storied … Read more