Velvet Starlings – “Turning Point” [Video]

On August 25th LA’s Velvet Starlings will release their new album Pacific Standard Time. The band was created and is led by 20-year old multi-instrumentalist prodigy Christian Gisborne and the album marks the debut of a newer, sharper iteration of Velvet Starlings. The 10 tracks represent a musically vast gut-punch – a swell of unusual … Read more

Velvet Starlings – “HG Wells” [Video]

LA’s Velvet Starlings have dropped a new single, “HG Wells.” The track is off their forthcoming new album Pacific Standard Time which is being released on August 11. The single is a boisterous, uncompromising vision, politically and musically. In the accompanying video produced and directed by Jake Webber (part 2 of a story arc), the … Read more

The Blazing Top 50 Albums Of 2021

2021 was great year in music! Solid release after solid release made this year’s list one of the hardest to put together in TFN’s 15 year history. 2021 brought us plenty of surprise entries, more psych rock, an excellent new London scene, modern soul, good old indie rock and simply something new and interesting for … Read more

Velvet Starlings: Technicolour Shakedown [Album Review]

Velvet StarlingsTechnicolour ShakedownKitten Robot/SoundX3 Records [2021] Velvet Starlings is a 60’s infused garage rock ‘n’ roll band hailing from Los Angeles and the beach cities of Southern California. The band was founded by guitarist and organ player Christian Gisborne but now is rounded out with brothers Foster and Hudson Poling, who play drums and bass … Read more

Velvet Starlings – “She Said (She Said)” [Video]

Velvet Starlings – the 60s infused garage rock ‘n’ roll band hailing from Los Angeles and the beach cities of Southern California – will release their debut album Technicolour Shakedown, on Wednesday, September 29th via Sound x 3 Records, with the vinyl release by Kitten Robot in the US. The band was founded by guitarist … Read more