Hippo Campus: Bambi [Album Review]

Hippo Campus Bambi Grand Jury Music [2018] Fire Note Says: Hippo Campus’s sophomore LP is a stunning achievement. Album Review: St. Paul’s Hippo Campus has emerged over the past few years on the strength of several singles and EP’s. Bambi is their second LP, and it is a revelation. Hippo Campus takes their base sound, … Read more

Day Wave: Headcase / Hard To Read [Album Review]

Day Wave Headcase / Hard To Read Grand Jury Music [2016] Fire Note Says: Day Wave’s debut is an engaging jangle-rock emo experience. Album Review: Day Wave is Oakland’s Jackson Phillips; he tours with other musicians who comprise the band. Headcase / Hard To Read is a full-length consisting of two EP’s, last year’s Headcase … Read more

Twin Peaks: Wild Onion [Album Review]

Twin Peaks Wild Onion Grand Jury Music [2014] Fire Note Says: Chicago’s Twin Peaks show off their many different sides. Album Review: I like it when a relatively new band swings for the fences. That is how I feel Chicago’s Twin Peaks approached their sophomore album, Wild Onion. Earlier this year the band hinted that … Read more