The Gardenheads: Growing Season [Album Review]

The Gardenheads Growing Season Wee Rock Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Midwest rockers split the difference between power pop and classic rock on sophomore album. Album Review: I don’t know anything about Springfield, Missouri except that it is home to the great Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and Missouri State University. I Googled it … Read more

James Younger: Feelin’ American [Album Review]

James Younger Feelin’ American Light Organ Records [2013] Fire Note Says: James Younger’s debut Feelin’ American wears its influences on his sleeve. Album Review: After reading an interview with Canadian James Younger these 11 breezy pop songs found on his solo debut could have had quite the spark. But, the adherence to past influences such … Read more

Bosnian Rainbows: Bosnian Rainbows [Album Review]

Bosnian Rainbows Bosnian Rainbows Sargent House Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Bosnian Rainbows are consistently interesting on their self-titled debut. Album Review: It’s a really funny thing to hear Mars Volta axe man/composer Omar Rodriguez Lopez talk about a less is more musical philosophy. During a recent Orange Amp promo video, Rodriguez Lopez gets down … Read more

Pity Sex: Feast Of Love [Album Review]

Pity Sex Feast Of Love Run For Cover Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Pity Sex makes an instantly familiar but irresistible album with Feast of Love. Album Review: A band with the name Pity Sex is asking for attention. You may think that the name is a cover-up for inconsequential mediocre music (think LMFAO, or … Read more

Light Heat: Light Heat [Album Review]

Light Heat Light Heat Ribbon Music [2013] Fire Note Says: Mazarin frontman Quentin Stolzfus returns to the scene after seven years with Light Heat debut. Album Review: I actually would be impressed if many of our readers remembered the early 2000 psych-pop band Mazarin. The group had three full length albums with the sophomore effort … Read more

Perhapst: Revise Your Maps [Album Review]

Perhapst Revise Your Maps Jealous Butcher Records [2013] Fire Note Says: A fulfilling dose of Byrdsian folk rock and lush sophisticated pop from Perhapst. Album Review: John Moen is one helluva talented musician. He’s obviously best known as the drummer for The Decemberists, but he has also drummed for a who’s who of indie rock … Read more

Hausu: Total [Album Review]

Hausu Total Hardly Art Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Hausu provide a fresh and precision based debut record. Album Review: It wasn’t till about the fourth track here on Hausu’s debut, Total, that I started to get where the Portland, OR band was coming from with their retro post-punk sound. Did they sound like Fugazi? … Read more

Rose Windows: The Sun Dogs [Album Review]

Rose Windows The Sun Dogs Sub Pop Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Take Rose Windows as your spirit guide, for they will not lead you astray. Album Review: Sub Pop has acquired quite an eclectic catalog of artists over the years. Nirvana, Mudhoney, Fleet Foxes, The Postal Service, METZ, The Shins, Wolf Parade; it’s no … Read more

Smith Westerns: Soft Will [Album Review]

Smith Westerns Soft Will Mom + Pop Music [2013] Fire Note Says: Smith Westerns return with a another batch of purposeful dream rock. Album Review: Coming off an excellent record like Smith Westerns sophomore effort Dye It Blonde (2011) is never easy. Once you add in the stress of playing the road till you about … Read more