The Shilohs: The Shilohs [Ablum Review]

The Shilohs The Shilohs Light Organ Records [2014] Fire Note Says: The Shilohs let the sunshine in on their summery second album. Album Review: The Shiloh’s debut (last year’s So Wild) was an impressive record that brought together a plethora of ramshackle 60s rock sounds, from The Kinks to The Velvet Underground to The Beatles. … Read more

Mode Moderne: Occult Delight [Album Review]

Mode Moderne Occult Delight Light Organ Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Mode Moderne’s Occult Delight is dark and catchy. Album Review: Mode Moderne is a neo-New Wave band based out of Vancouver. When I think of Vancouver I think of the Pacific Northwest – a little dark and rainy but also progressive. This description fits … Read more

James Younger: Feelin’ American [Album Review]

James Younger Feelin’ American Light Organ Records [2013] Fire Note Says: James Younger’s debut Feelin’ American wears its influences on his sleeve. Album Review: After reading an interview with Canadian James Younger these 11 breezy pop songs found on his solo debut could have had quite the spark. But, the adherence to past influences such … Read more

The Shilohs: So Wild [Album Review]

The Shilohs So Wild Light Organ Records [2013] Fire Note Says: The Shilohs grab ideas from all over the 60s rock scene, but So Wild never feels disjointed. Album Review: Starting with the standard 60s rock playbook, The Shilohs dig a bit deeper on their debut album to offer listeners a feel-good slice of classic … Read more