The Friday Fire Track: The Cairo Gang – “What Can You Do?”

You are well aware that TFN is consistently following Ty Segall, so we would not be doing our duty if we did not feature the new track by The Cairo Gang. Not familiar with the group? Well, The Cairo Gang is singer/songwriter/guitarist Emmett Kelly which is currently part of Segall’s Freedom Band. Kelly played on both Emotional Mugger (2016) and his latest just released self-titled record. Kelly of course is a bigger name than you might think as his resume outside of Cairo and Segall includes playing with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Joan of Arc, Angel Olsen, Edith Frost, Sonny Smith, and Beth Orton to just name a few.

Today’s Friday Fire Track was cut live and produced by Kelly with Ty Segall. “What Can You Do?” is the final track on the band’s new album, Untouchable, and shows off Kelly as a narrator with its slow burner almost classic rock vibe that just pulls you in.

Untouchable is on Ty’s and Drag City Records imprint God? and is due out on March 24th. The record has multiple styles and is well worth checking out beyond today’s feature. Enjoy your Friday!

The Cairo Gang Website
The Cairo Gang Facebook
Drag City Records

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