Wax Chattels: Wax Chattels [Album Review]

Wax Chattels Wax Chattels Captured Tracks/Flying Nun Records [2018] TFN Final Take: A “guitarless guitar band,” almost doesn’t sound like a real thing but that is what the New Zealand noise-rock band Wax Chattels have labeled themselves. A drum kit, bass and keyboard drive the noise here while the vocals of Peter Ruddell and Amanda … Read more

The Verlaines: Hallelujah All The Way Home/Juvenillia [Album Review]

The Verlaines Hallelujah All The Way Home/Juvenilia Captured Tracks/Flying Nun[1985,1987/2013] Fire Note Says: Captured Tracks continues reissuing essential albums from the Flying Nun catalog. Album Review: Anyone who reads The Fire Note with any regularity knows of our unabashed love for that particular brand of Kiwi-pop so perfectly commemorated by legendary New Zealand label Flying … Read more

Bird Nest Roys: Me Want Me Get Me Need Me Have Me Love [Album Review]

Bird Nest Roys Me Want Me Get Me Need Me Have Me Love Captured Tracks/Flying Nun Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Reissue compiles Aukland band’s entire recorded output and reminds us of Flying Nun Records’ enormous impact. Album Review: I’ll admit it right up front: I love Kiwi-pop. I love Flying Nun for all the … Read more

Ghost Wave: Ages [Album Review]

Ghost Wave Ages Flying Nun Records [2013] Fire Note Says: New Zealand band explores the origins of Kiwi-pop – and a whole lot more. Album Review: The flood of garage psych bands to come from New Zealand has baffled music critics for years. Since the early eighties it has been one great little band after … Read more