Wax Chattels – “Cede” [Video]

New Zealand’s Wax Chattels share their third single “Cede” off their cathartic sophomore album, Clot, which came out September 25 via Captured Tracks and Flying Nun. The vitriolic choruses of “Cede” are in Amanda Cheng’s (bass/vocals) native language — Taiwanese Hokkien — and are an indignant confrontation about Cross-Strait relations and self-determination. This track follows … Read more

Wax Chattels: Clot (Baby Blue Wax | 400 Copies)

Wax Chattels is back with a sophomore record that sounds ready to rock out. The writing process for ‘Clot’ took the best part of a year. While some songs were written on the road, the bulk of the album was workshopped throughout 2019 across bedrooms and storage containers. Demos were fine-tuned before taking them to … Read more

Wax Chattels: Wax Chattels [Album Review]

Wax Chattels Wax Chattels Captured Tracks/Flying Nun Records [2018] TFN Final Take: A “guitarless guitar band,” almost doesn’t sound like a real thing but that is what the New Zealand noise-rock band Wax Chattels have labeled themselves. A drum kit, bass and keyboard drive the noise here while the vocals of Peter Ruddell and Amanda … Read more