A. Savage: Thawing Dawn [Album Review]

A. Savage
Thawing Dawn
Dull Tools [2017]

Who: A. Savage is best known as one of the frontman for Parquet Courts. This is his first solo record, that was recorded between December 2016 and June 2017 by a group of Savage’s friends that included members of Woods, Ultimate Painting, PC Worship, EZTV, Sunwatchers, and Psychic TV.

Sound: A. Savage brings his crooner skills and keeps it fairly simple on his solo record that brings many different flavors from spaghetti western strumming to rocking out to a great indie rock church performance.

TFN Final Take: Parquet Courts have always had a knack for putting out quality records so the expectation for A. Savage’s solo outing, Thawing Dawn, was high. He does not disappoint as he brings the same interesting spoken story singing style to Thawing Dawn that instantly hooks you from the beginning.

Opening song “Buffalo Calf Road” sets the tone with its indie-folk groove complete with some gorgeous pedal steel guitar and the backing vocals of Jack Cooper (Ultimate Painting). Then we roll into the bouncing “Eyeballs” that uses keys in the background to keep you tapping even though the lyric territory is about a relationship in turmoil when he sings “If I showed you my eyeballs baby / You could see that I’ve been hurting inside.” The stroll of “Indian Style” has a free 70’s vibe and a hook that includes the perfect backing vocals of The Karaoke Cowgirls which helps tune you into every word.

Other great moments include the almost 8-minute “What Do I Do” that is a Jonathan Richman like song complete with a building intensity and freak out near its end to echo the title. “Untitled” features the church organ keys that soar while the closing title track changes style and tempo several times during the song that is just unique – much like A. Savage’s talent.

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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