Dead Gaze: Brain Holiday [Album Review]

Dead Gaze Brain Holiday Palmist/FatCat Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Dead Gaze show depth with their indie fuzz and pop bounce on their proper debut Brain Holiday. Album Review: Fuzzed up lo-fi pop rock? Sign me up! The proper debut from Dead Gaze is an enjoyable lesson that shows everyone that all it takes is … Read more

The Friday Fire Track: Dead Gaze “Runnin’ On The Moon”

What is a Friday “Fire” Track you ask? It is a song that should propel you into the weekend with something fresh, new and cool. This 1st edition is from Dead Gaze out of Oxford, Mississippi. Their debut album Brain Holiday is out October 22th on the FatCat Records imprint Palmist. “Runnin’ On The Moon” … Read more

Dead Gaze: Dead Gaze [Album Review]

Dead Gaze Dead Gaze Fat Cat Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Dead Gaze’s debut full-length is a lo-fi diamond in the rough. Album Review: Northern Mississippi is hardly known as a hotbed of indie music but perhaps that is about to change thanks to something called the Cats Purring Collective outside Oxford, a college town … Read more