The Black Hollies: Somewhere Between Here And Nowhere [Album Review]

The Black Hollies Somewhere Between Here And Nowhere Ernest Jenning Record Co. [2013] Fire Note Says: The Black Hollies’ latest floats between ethereal psych and slow-burning rock. Album Review: Jersey City’s Black Hollies are obviously influenced by 60s acts (just look at their name, for one thing). Trippy guitars, buzzing synths and piping organs combine … Read more

AFI: Burials [Album Review]

AFI Burials Republic Records [2013] Fire Note Says: AFI pleases fans with its 9th album Burials. Album Review: AFI is someone’s favorite band. That person got excited when they heard that AFI was in the studio again to release their ninth studio album in 18 years. (Take a second to let that fact sink in.) … Read more

Crooks On Tape: Fingerprint [Album Review]

Crooks On Tape Fingerprint Misra Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Crooks On Tape continue the charm of members previous bands. Album Review: If you are similar to me then you always follow artists you like to their next project. In the case of Crooks On Tape that would be John Schmersal with a resume that … Read more

Dead Gaze: Brain Holiday [Album Review]

Dead Gaze Brain Holiday Palmist/FatCat Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Dead Gaze show depth with their indie fuzz and pop bounce on their proper debut Brain Holiday. Album Review: Fuzzed up lo-fi pop rock? Sign me up! The proper debut from Dead Gaze is an enjoyable lesson that shows everyone that all it takes is … Read more

Best Coast: Fade Away [Album Review]

Best Coast Fade Away Jewel City Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Best Coast release a 7 song mini album that works hard to extend summer with its warm indie pop shine. Album Review: If you have loved the indie pop of Best Coast’s previous two full lengths, then you will be completely satisfied with their … Read more