Titus Andronicus – “(I’m) Screwed” [Video]

Titus Andronicus have announced the long-awaited release of their seventh studio album, The Will to Live, out via Merge Records on Friday, September 30. Produced by Titus Andronicus singer-songwriter Patrick Stickles and award-winning Canadian producer Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen, The Whole Nine Yards) at the latter’s hotel2tango recording studio in Montreal, The Will … Read more

Titus Andronicus: A Productive Cough [Album Review]

Titus Andronicus A Productive Cough Merge Records [2018] Who: A continually evolving band from New Jersey that is on their fifth full length. Sound: Known for their early indie punk rock, Titus Andronicus keep changing their game as A Productive Cough offers a more Bruce Springsteen meets Lucero that time warps back to 70’s Stones … Read more

Titus Andronicus: The Most Lamentable Tragedy [Album Review]

Titus Andronicus The Most Lamentable Tragedy Merge Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Risking over-ambition and failure, The Most Lamentable Tragedy has it merits—just hope you’ve done your homework. Album Review: From a literary standpoint, Titus Andronicus could be considered William Shakespeare’s first tragedy, a gruesome tale of rape, violence, and revenge. While New Jersey’s Titus … Read more

The Blazing Top 50 Albums of 2012: 40 to 31 [Day 2]

#40 Archie Powell & The Exports Great Ideas In Action Good Land Records [2012] Sometimes it is best to not change a thing when you have a winning formula and that is exactly the way we felt about the sophomore outing from Chicago’s Archie Powell & The Exports titled Great Ideas In Action. Great Ideas … Read more

Titus Andronicus: Local Business [Album Review]

Titus Andronicus Local Business XL Recordings [2012] Fire Note Says: The most fun celebrating life’s meaninglessness that you’ll ever have! Album Review: Usually when you think Titus Andronicus a bunch of things come to mind: a shouted, garble growl of lyrics, abrasiveness, historical references, New Jersey, worthlessness, life’s meaninglessness , mortality, drowning your sorrows, drunken … Read more