The Blazing Top 50 Albums of 2012: 40 to 31 [Day 2]

#40 Archie Powell & The Exports Great Ideas In Action Good Land Records [2012] Sometimes it is best to not change a thing when you have a winning formula and that is exactly the way we felt about the sophomore outing from Chicago’s Archie Powell & The Exports titled Great Ideas In Action. Great Ideas … Read more

Daphni: Jiaolong [Album Reivew]

Daphni Jiaolong Merge Records [2012] Fire Note Says: Dan Snaith takes on the alias Daphni and delivers a great and necessary album. Album Review: First, know that this album is impeccable. From start to finish, Dan Snaith—the lone ranger behind both Daphni and Caribou—delivers beat-heavy perfection. Often the tracks defy sense, seeming both skeletal and … Read more