Mammatus: Expanding Majesty [Album Review]

MammatusExpanding MajestySilver Current Records [2023] Mammatus, the experimental rock band known for their elaborate compositions and mind-bending sonic journeys, has returned after 8 years with their latest offering, “Expanding Majesty.” With this album, the California-based group takes us on a 69-minute immersive musical expedition over 4 tracks, diving deep into the realms of psychedelic space … Read more

Feral Ohms: Feral Ohms [Album Review]

Feral Ohms Feral Ohms Silver Current Records [2017] Fire Note Says: The rock Gods are going to enjoy this one! Album Review: Feral Ohms hail from Oakland, California and you may remember this power trio when we covered their Live In San Francisco release back in January. Now, the band has finally released their much … Read more

The Friday Fire Track: Feral Ohms – “God Of Nicaragua”

Feral Ohms was formed in 2011 by three Bay Area underground rock vets. One of those being Comets on Fire co-founder Ethan Miller. Loud, super-fuzzed, and absolutely fierce. The amazing part about this band is how underground they have been but not anymore. All of that should quickly change. The Oakland group just released the … Read more