Mammatus: Expanding Majesty [Album Review]

Expanding Majesty
Silver Current Records [2023]

Mammatus, the experimental rock band known for their elaborate compositions and mind-bending sonic journeys, has returned after 8 years with their latest offering, “Expanding Majesty.” With this album, the California-based group takes us on a 69-minute immersive musical expedition over 4 tracks, diving deep into the realms of psychedelic space rock while retaining their signature heavy sound.

“Expanding Majesty” is a captivating blend of psychedelic rock, progressive elements, and ethereal soundscapes. From the opening title track, the album sets a dreamlike atmosphere that transports listeners to an otherworldly realm. Mammatus demonstrates their ability to create sensational landscapes that are simultaneously enchanting and challenging, while in the middle of the 15+ minute track, they momentarily introduce floating vocals into the mix, giving this grinding track a perfect balance that truly engages the listener.

The band’s craftsmanship reigns supreme throughout the album, showcasing their mastery of their respective instruments. The interplay between the ethereal guitar work, intricate basslines, and dynamic drumming creates a rich tapestry of sound that evolves and unfolds with each track. Mammatus excels at building tension and releasing it in explosive and powerful bursts as their vocals are skillfully integrated into the songs, serving as an additional instrument. Each song possesses a sense of controlled chaos, while its engineering by Phil Manley (The Fucking Champs/Trans Am) delivers a full, rich, crisp, and meticulously developed record that allows every instrument and nuance to shine through.

Mammatus’s “Expanding Majesty” is a bold and captivating addition to their discography. It showcases the band’s ability to create immersive soundscapes that challenge traditional musical boundaries. With its innovative sensational textures, impressive musicianship, and meticulous production, this album is a testament to Mammatus’s legacy and a welcomed return as they take you on a mesmerizing journey through the cosmos of sound.

“Expanding Majesty” / “By The Sky” / “Beams Of Light”

Fuzz Meadows / SLIFT / Orange Sunshine

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