S.M. Wolf: Precious Downtime (Multiple Variants)

“Precious Downtime” is the 4th LP by Indianapolis based psych/power-pop band S.M. Wolf, due out on Romanus Records digitally August 27th and on vinyl Sept 4th. While the band’s previous three albums dealt heavily with topics like loss, grief and divorce, this album is decidedly lighter, focusing on themes like rebirth and growth. Coming in … Read more

S.M. Wolf: Neon Debris [Album Review]

S.M. Wolf Neon Debris In Store Recordings/Jurassic Pop Records [2015] Fire Drill Album Review: There is nothing better than when you stumble across an artist that was only supposed to be a one-time recording project but releases material that quickly changes things. That is exactly what we have here with Indianapolis’ S.M. Wolf after a … Read more

Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support & Share – Volume 26

The September Bandcamp feature is here! This month you get garage from France, punk from New York, 90’s dream-pop out of Omaha, Michigan’s own West coast psych rock and folk from England! Just do it – Discover, Support & Share! Palehound Brooklyn, New York Palehound will stoke your 90’s era indie rock fire back into … Read more