Neil Young: Homegrown [Album Review]

Neil Young HomegrownReprise Records [2020] This long “lost” Neil Young album was recorded late in 1974, two years after his classic solo, commercial breakout album, Harvest, which contained some of Young’s best known and loved songs – “Heart of Gold,” “Are You Ready for the Country,” “Old Man,” “Alabama,” and “The Needle and the Damage … Read more

Green Day: The Father Of All… [Album Review]

Green Day The Father Of All Motherfuckers Reprise Records [2020] Generally speaking, even the most popular punk rock bands are not designed to stay vital for the long haul. Sex Pistols delivered an explosive 3 years, and everything since has been cashing in on that early reputation and music, thus the “Filthy Lucre” reunion tour … Read more

Neil Young with Crazy Horse: Colorado [Album Review]

Neil Young with Crazy Horse Colorado Reprise Records [2019] Fire Note Says: Neil Young regroups with Crazy Horse and Nils Lofgren, for an album that’s a mix of militant guitar activism on behalf of Mother Nature, and some nostalgia for an earlier time. Album Review: “You might say I’m an old white guy” Neil Young … Read more

Neil Young + Promise Of The Real: The Visitor [Album Review]

Neil Young + Promise Of The Real The Visitor Reprise Records [2017] Fire Note Says: At 72, Neil Young is still making a difference, wearing his politics on his sleeve, and producing anthems for the resistance. Album Review: Neil Young has never been an artist to shrink back from a difficult political moment and leave … Read more

Neil Young: Hitchhiker [Album Review]

Neil Young Hitchhiker Reprise Records [2017] Fire Note Says: Neil Young releases a ten song acoustic studio recording from an early, highly productive period in his artistic development. Album Review: In the mid to late 70s, Neil Young had a particularly productive period in his songwriting, it was shortly after the release of the grief-ridden … Read more

Mastodon: Emperor Of Sand [Album Review]

Mastodon Emperor Of Sand Reprise Records [2017] Who: Atlanta, GA’s Mastodon has been a prominent member of the metal community ever since they released their 2002 debut album Remission. Mastodon adhere to many influences but, their albums are usually influenced by personal events and take on a somewhat conceptual nature. Sound: Mastodon have always kept … Read more

Neil Young: Peace Trail [Album Review]

Neil Young Peace Trail Reprise Records [2016] Fire Note Says: Neil Young is both focused and quirky on his latest – Peace Trail. Album Review: Of the six veteran rockers invited to play the Desert Trip concerts, dubbed “Oldchella” because of the advanced age of the artists—The Who, The Stones, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, and … Read more

Green Day: Revolution Radio [Album Review]

Green Day Revolution Radio Reprise Records [2016] Fire Note Says: Keeping it real even though we all have grown older! Album Review: “I’m like a child looking off in the horizon,” sings punk trio Green Day’s singer/songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong at the midpoint of the band’s new album. “I’m like an ambulance that’s turning on … Read more

The Friday Fire Track: Mastodon – “Chimes At Midnight”

Mastodon has always been a band to watch. The undersea brutality of Leviathan, the debut low end ferocity of Remission, the heavy psych prog perfections that are Blood Mountain and Crack the Skye, and finally their last effort 2011’s The Hunter. You really can’t go wrong with any record in their catalog! Now the boys … Read more

My Chemical Romance: May Death Never Stop You – The Greatest Hits 2001-2013

My Chemical Romance May Death Never Stop You: The Greatest Hits 2001-2013 Reprise Records [2014] Fire Note Says: May Death Never Stop You works as a primer if you are looking back at the alt/rock world of the last decade. Album Review: The thing about My Chemical Romance, the pop/punk band from Jersey that had … Read more

Neil Young: Live At The Cellar Door [Album Review]

Neil Young Live At The Cellar Door Reprise Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Neil in his prime! Album Review: By now, Neil Young has become a rock music icon, best remembered for a variety of traits: early seminal work with Buffalo Springfield, his hard rocking anthems with Crazy Horse, his role as the ornery one … Read more

Green Day: ¡Tre! [Album Review]

Green Day ¡Tre! Reprise/Warner Bros. Records [2012] Fire Note Says: Green Day close out the album trilogy. Album Review: I knew going into a three album release that Green Day would really need to step up to the plate to pull it off. One album is hard enough and for the band ¡Uno! was a … Read more

Green Day: ¡Dos! [Album Review]

Green Day ¡Dos! Reprise/Warner Bros. Records [2012] Fire Note Says: The second offering of the Green Day trilogy works harder to find its own identity. Album Review: Green Day are back with the second installment of their trilogy, correctly titled ¡Dos!, and it once again throws caution to the wind with its free spirited vibe. … Read more