The Breezes: The Breezes [Album Review]

The Breezes The Breezes Self-Released [2012] Fire Note Says: The Breezes deliver a diverse, eclectic mix of classic rock-style tunes that never take themselves too seriously. Album Review: “Whoo! Explosions!” Thus begins the self-titled debut album from The Breezes, a Montreal-based band whose brand of quirky guitar-based pop swerves wildly from style to style, never … Read more

Green Day: ¡Tre! [Album Review]

Green Day ¡Tre! Reprise/Warner Bros. Records [2012] Fire Note Says: Green Day close out the album trilogy. Album Review: I knew going into a three album release that Green Day would really need to step up to the plate to pull it off. One album is hard enough and for the band ¡Uno! was a … Read more

Interpol: Turn On The Bright Lights (Tenth Anniversary Edition) [Album Review]

Interpol Turn On The Bright Lights (Tenth Anniversary Edition) Matador Records [2012] Fire Note Says: Turn On The Bright Lights at 10 sounds even more fresh and innovative today! Album Review: I can’t believe that 10 years has already passed since Interpol released Turn On The Bright Lights. Some may say that it is too … Read more

Emerson Lake & Palmer: Live In California 1974 [Album Review]

Emerson Lake & Palmer Live In California 1974 Shout! Factory Records [2012] Fire Note Says: Prog legends at the absolute top of their game! Album Review: In 1974, Emerson, Lake & Palmer were at the top of their game, they had just released their most successful album, Brain Salad Surgery, and were on their way … Read more