The Lovely Bad Things: The Late Great Whatever [Album Review]

The Lovely Bad Things The Late Great Whatever Volcom Entertainment [2013] Fire Note Says: If The Pixies were a surf punk band they’d probably sound a lot like this. Album Review: Some bands are never going to change your life. Orange County’s The Lovely Bad Things easily fall into that category and given the joyous … Read more

Grave Babies: Crusher [Album Review]

Grave Babies Crusher Hardly Art Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Far from perfect, but equally far from terrible. Album Review: Here’s the thing about Grave Babies’ Crusher: I couldn’t tell you how many times I replayed this album. I couldn’t decide what to think about it: do I love it or hate it? I have … Read more

Sunshine: Sunshine [Album Review]

Sunshine Sunshine Self-Released [2013] Fire Note Says: Vancouver’s Sunshine delivers on their debut lp! Album Review: If you’re a fan of shoegaze, dream pop, or bands with girl group influenced harmonies, then let me introduce you to Sunshine, a new 5 piece from Vancouver. With influences ranging from The Raveonettes (always a favorite of mine), … Read more

Shout Out Louds: Optica [Album Review]

Shout Out Louds Optica Merge Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Shout Out Louds conjure up the spirits of New Order and The Cure on their 4th lp, Optica. Album Review: On their fourth lp Optica, the follow-up to 2010’s Work, the Shout Out Louds have crafted an album that is equal parts Cure inspired pop … Read more

Holy Wave: Evil Hits [Album Review]

Holy Wave Evil Hits The Reverberation Appreciation Society [2013] Fire Note Says: Prepare for a bit of an acid wash as Holy Wave rages with a technicolor, psychedelic, surf swirl. Album Review: Holy Wave is a band that could crash along the So Cal shore but here that isn’t the case. These psychedelic 60’s surf … Read more

Mount Moriah: Miracle Temple [Album Review]

Mount Moriah Miracle Temple Merge Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Mount Moriah offer a lesson in restraint on their engaging sophomore outing Miracle Temple. Album Review: Mount Moriah’s new sophomore record, Miracle Temple, is one of those albums that just gets embedded in your head as it plays with its countrified rhythms, charismatic lead vocals … Read more

Popstrangers: Antipodes [Album Review]

Popstrangers Antipodes Carpark Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Popstrangers Antipodes is an unconventional album that gives back if you’re willing to put in the time. Album Review: Who knew that of all places, New Zealand could surprise and give us more talent? They’ve brought us Ruban Nielson, Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s front man, and now they … Read more