Gap Dream: Shine Your Light [Album Review]

Gap Dream Shine Your Light Burger Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Gap Dream go down a different path on their sophomore record Shine Your Light. Album Review: Sometimes you know what you are going to get just based on the label that an artist resides on. With Burger Records that style has typically been some … Read more

Epicycle: You’re Not Gonna Get It [Album Review]

Epicycle You’re Not Gonna Get It HoZac Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Chicago area powerpop/punk band get the anthology treatment. Album Review: File under: could have been big. Or three years of bratty suburban mayhem distilled into one really cool record. During their original incarnation Epicycle put out one LP and a handful of 7″ … Read more

Swearin’: Surfing Strange [Album Review]

Swearin’ Surfing Strange Salinas Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Swearin’ recalibrate their formula on their nineties-indebted second album. Album Review: On Swearin’s excellent self-titled debut, Allison Crutchfield dominated almost every track and the results were stunning. Yeah sure they’re a four-piece but it had the feel of a solo album from the ex-P.S. Eliot singer. … Read more

Jus Post Bellum: Oh July [Album Review]

Jus Post Bellum Oh July Self-Released [2013] Fire Note Says: Jus Post Bellum tell a historical story of war that is hard to turn away from! Album Review: I know that the indie neo-folk sound has been in the spotlight this past year with bands like The Lumineers, The Civil Wars, the Avetts and those … Read more