Neon Indian: VEGA INTL. Night School [Album Review]

Neon Indian VEGA INTL. Night School Mom + Pop Music [2015] Fire Note Says: Neon Indian floats – will you follow? Album Review: Full disclosure: I was assigned this review months ago. And I listened to it at the time, I really did. I just couldn’t hear it. So indebted to tape hiss and AM … Read more

together PANGEA: The Phage EP [Album Review]

together PANGEA The Phage EP Burger Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Santa Clarita’s finest offer up six songs to make your day a little better. Album Review: When this hit my in-box I must admit that I was somewhat dismayed. Twenty months after their third LP, the terrific Badillac, I was disappointed that all I … Read more

Beach House: Thank Your Lucky Stars [Album Review]

Beach House Thank Your Lucky Stars Sub Pop Records [2015] Fire Note Says: 2015 has been a good year for Beach House. Album Review: Seems like I was just writing a review for a new Beach House album because, well, I was. The Baltimore duo has followed up their August release (Depression Cherry) two months … Read more

Majical Cloudz: Are You Alone? [Album Review]

Majical Cloudz Are You Alone? Matador Records [2015] Fire Note Says: An album that searches for sincerity in a space that has been salted with cliché, Are You Alone? builds an immersive world around love and loneliness. Album Review: When my infant daughter couldn’t sleep in the depths winter, I’d sometimes let her lie on … Read more

The Mantles: All Odds End [Album Review]

The Mantles All Odds End Slumberland Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Bay area band tighten up their sound – just a bit – on their third LP. Album Review: If treading water made a sound (and I’m quite sure that it does) The Mantles may have nailed it on their third proper full-length, All Odds … Read more

Gun Outfit: Dream All Over [Album Review]

Gun Outfit Dream All Over Paradise Of Bachelors [2015] Fire Drill Album Review: LA’s Gun Outfit have a smooth vibe that sounds like Lou Reed and Kim Gordon collaborating on some tunes. This female/male dialogue from singers Carrie Keith (guitar, vocals, slide) and Dylan Sharp (guitar, vocals, banjo, balalaika) keep their fourth album, Dream All … Read more

Coheed And Cambria: The Color Before The Sun [Album Review]

Coheed And Cambria The Color Before The Sun 300 Entertainment [2015] Fire Note Says: Eighth album proves Coheed have a few more small wonders left in the tank. Album Review: “No conceptual framework, no galaxy of characters, no seven-minute epics.” the presser promises. Still, a handful of tracks soundly best six minutes and only two … Read more

Deerhunter: Fading Frontier [Album Review]

Deerhunter Fading Frontier 4AD [2015] Fire Note Says: Just in case we weren’t already convinced, Deerhunter proves their greatness…again. Album Review: That Deerhunter has been on a roll is a bit self-evident and although there were some who felt their last album, Monomania, was a step backwards Fading Frontier leaves little doubt about the Atlanta … Read more

Arcade Fire: The Reflektor Tapes (Cassette) [Album Review]

Arcade Fire The Reflektor Tapes (Cassette Release) Sonovox/Merge Records [2015] Fire Drill Album Review: In conjunction with the theatrical release of their feature film The Reflektor Tapes, Arcade Fire also released a deluxe edition of Reflektor (2013) with bonus tracks. Now, if you already have the record then this cassette-only release of the six unreleased … Read more