Fire Track: Dungen – “Om Det Finns Något Som Du Vill Fråga Mig”

Sweden’s Dungen have released “Om Det Finns Något Som Du Vill Fråga Mig,” the second single from their forthcoming album En Är För Mycket och Tusen Aldrig Nog, due out October 7th via Mexican Summer. Starting with their signature bright, ratting drum fill, the new track is a full band effort and showcases the classic Dungen … Read more

L’Rain: Fatigue [Album Review]

L’RainFatigueMexican Summer [2021] Sometimes records exist outside any conventional genres and challenge your ear around every corner. These albums also can produce some of the most intricate and addicting moments that you just really can’t capture with words. L’Rain’s sophomore record, Fatigue, is one of those albums. Brooklyn artist Taja Cheek, aka L’Rain looks all … Read more

Iceage – “The Holding Hand” [Video]

Ten years since the release of their debut album, New Brigade, Copenhagen’s Iceage release “The Holding Hand.” It’s the band’s debut single/video for new label, Mexican Summer. Throughout the track, romance and desire are feelings that stretch torturously — a race without a finish line. Elias Bender Rønnenfelt’s voice crawls over slow-marching percussion and glittering … Read more

Artists Of The Week: Discover, Support, Share

Ready for some new tunes?! Transmitting from Sydney is the exciting lo-fi fuzz of Daughter Bat And The Lip Stings, calling from London is the reggae R&B soul from Liam Bailey and lastly the return of Los Angeles’ Jack Name. When you get a chance make sure to: Discover, Support, Share! Daughter Bat And The … Read more

Soldiers Of Fortune ft. members of Oneida, Interpol, Chavez, Spiritualized, Animal Collective

Soldiers of Fortune started back in August 2004 as an anti-band! The idea was to put together a group, who were never gonna write songs, never gonna practice, never gonna record music, never make any product for public consumption or ever hit the road! Seemed easy unless you have a bunch of talented musicians in … Read more

Interview with No Joy’s Michael Farsky

No Joy hail from Canada and have released three LPs with the label Mexican Summer since their late 2009 inception. Since the beginning the group has continually received praises from critics including their most recent effort, More Faithful, that came out this past June. We recently caught up with No Joy’s bassist, Michael Farsky and … Read more

No Joy: More Faithful [Album Review]

No Joy More Faithful Mexican Summer [2015] Fire Note Says: When all the pieces lock into step, you’re in that ride through the wormhole that all the best shoegaze evokes. Album Review: The Kinks knew it. The Mats knew it. You know Pavement knew it. Work smarter, not harder. Find your lane, play to your … Read more

The Fresh & Onlys: House Of Spirits [Album Review]

The Fresh & Onlys House Of Spirits Mexican Summer [2014] Fire Note Says: House of Spirits wanders a bit, but finds its footing in solid songwriting and production. Album Review: The Fresh & Onlys are a four-piece out of San Francisco, and while the band is often pigeon-holed as a “psychedelic” outfit who are part … Read more

Quilt: Held In Splendor [Album Review]

Quilt Held In Splendor Mexican Summer Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Boston psych folk trio offer up a breezy, groovy winner. Album Review: Quilt’s self-titled first album was recorded piecemeal across three years and numerous home studios – and it sounded like it. Not that it was terrible or anything, quite the contrary. It was … Read more

Real Estate: Reality EP [Album Review]

Real EstateReality EPMexican Summer [2010] We’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this band better, so we were excited to check out this EP of new material soon after their debut. The Reality EP serves as the perfect extension of the band’s stellar full-length album, feeling even more laid-back yet with very concise and intricate undertones. … Read more