Medicine: “Part Time Punks” Live LP [Album Review]

Medicine “Part Time Punks” Live LP Captured Tracks [2014] Fire Note Says: Medicine releases one of the highlights on Record Store Day 2014. Album Review: Last August, Medicine returned from an 18 year hiatus with a new full length To The Happy Few. The group had previously been hailed as America’s My Bloody Valentine so … Read more

Medicine: To The Happy Few [Album Review]

Medicine To The Happy Few Captured Tracks Records [2013] Fire Note Says: After an 18 year hiatus, the original line-up conjures up a dose of psychedelic excellence. Album Review: There have been reunions aplenty of late. From our beloved Guided By Voices to Archers Of Loaf, Dinosaur Jr. and The Dismemberment Plan, but none are … Read more

Medicine Premieres New Track “It’s Not Enough” – New Record 8/6

Here is the new Medicine single, “It’s Not Enough”, from their forthcoming album To the Happy Few which is out August 6th on Captured Tracks Records. To The Happy Few Tracklisting 1. Long As The Sun 2. It’s Not Enough 3. Burn It 4. Holy Crimes 5. The End Of The Line 6. Butterfly’s Out … Read more