Unicycle Loves You: The Dead Age [Album Review]

Unicycle Loves You The Dead Age Mecca Lecca Recording Co. [2014] Fire Note Says: Unicycle Loves You is a wonderful blend of shoegaze, 60’s psychedelic pop, and noise/fuzz rock. Album Review: Unicycle Loves You are a Brooklyn-based trio. The Dead Age is their fourth studio LP, but this is the first one I have heard. … Read more

Christopher Paul Stelling: False Cities [Album Review]

Christopher Paul Stelling False Cities Mecca Lecca Recording Co. [2013] Fire Note Says: False Cities takes listeners back to that old time religion! Album Review: “Christian” music, deservedly or not, often gets a bad rap. The CCM establishment has given the genre(s) the reputation of being an awful imitation of what was popular a decade … Read more