Prince: Prince And The Revolution – Live

PrincePrince And The Revolution: LiveLegacy Recordings [2022] The word “genius” probably gets thrown around too loosely when referring to talented pop and rock artists. Even the most successful artists often flow in and out of fashion, often those who’ve produced a recognized “masterpiece,” suffer from the dreaded sophomore curse or move all too soon from … Read more

The Jayhawks: Back Roads And Abandoned Motels [Album Review]

The Jayhawks Back Roads And Abandoned Motels Sony Music/Legacy Recordings [2018] Fire Note Says: The Jayhawks put their own stamp on songs Gary Louris had written with the Dixie Chicks, Jacob Dylan and others, inspiring a return to their own sonic roots. Album Review: If The Jayhawks were a band of equals, and I’m not … Read more

Jimi Hendrix: Both Sides Of The Sky [Album Review]

Jimi Hendrix Both Sides Of The Sky Legacy Recordings [2018] Fire Note Says: Both Sides Of The Sky will be especially appreciated by collectors and hardcore fans who want to hear everything. Album Review: It is strange here in 2018 to be talking about “new” music from Jimi Hendrix, who died tragically in 1970 after … Read more

Various Artists: Singles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Deluxe Edition) [Album Review]

Various Artists Singles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Deluxe Edition) Sony/Legacy Recordings [2017] Fire Note Says: The soundtrack that captured a change – This is the story of grunge. Album Review: There are not many records that capture an era like the Singles Soundtrack. Grunge stormed the scene in 1991 with the explosion of Nirvana, Pearl … Read more

Ray Davies: Americana [Album Review]

Ray Davies Americana Sony/Legacy Recrodings [2017] Fire Note Says: Kinks’ rocker Ray Davies joins with alt-country Jayhawks to take a musical journey through the wild west, sorting reality from fantasy in pursuit of the American Dream Album Review: Ray Davies, 73, is still best remembered for a pop song he wrote and recorded with the … Read more

Jimi Hendrix: People, Hell And Angels [Album Review]

Jimi Hendrix People, Hell And Angels Legacy Recordings [2013] Fire Note Says: People, Hell and Angels is another reminder of how close one man and his guitar could be. Album Review: Jimi Hendrix was, has, and always will be an icon. So, the fact that we have the trove of recordings from what could be … Read more

Uncle Tupelo: The Seven Inch Singles [7-Inch Feature]

Uncle Tupelo The Seven Inch Singles Box Legacy Recordings [2012] If you are not familiar with Uncle Tupelo then it may surprise you to know that the band is credited as one of the founders of the alternative country genre. Uncle Tupelo’s first three albums influenced countless contemporary roots rock artists and then the story … Read more