The Chambermaids: Whatever Happened Tomorrow [Album Review]

The Chambermaids Whatever Happened Tomorrow Guilt Ridden Pop/Old Blackberry Way [2013] Fire Note Says: Minneapolis brother/sister act hit all the right notes with an all-too-short third album. Album Review: The Chambermaids are an on-again/off-again dream pop outfit headed by siblings Neil and Martha Weir. Formed in 2003 as The Shut-In’s, their tendency to go on … Read more

Kitten Forever: Pressure [Album Review]

Kitten Forever Pressure Guilt Ridden Pop [2013] Fire Note Says: Kitten Forever have a riot for you! Album Review: After spinning through the quick 23 minute sophomore effort, Pressure, from the Minneapolis based trio Kitten Forever, I realized how much I miss this loose and fun riot grrrl style of music. Like so many quality … Read more