Cy Dune: No Recognize [7-Inch Feature]

Cy Dune No Recognize 7″ Family Tree Records [2012] Cy Dune is the new project from Akron/Family member and guitarist Seth Olinsky. Olinsky has worked on this project for over five years which has yielded over 100 songs. “No Recognize” is the first single from the project and the No Recognize EP (which we reviewed … Read more

Cy Dune: No Recognize EP [Album Review]

Cy Dune No Recognize EP Family Tree Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Cy Dune brings the fuzz, blues and rock n roll all in a mere 16 minute EP. Album Review: Right from the opening guitar sprawl on “Where The Wild Things” you know that Cy Dune is going to fit into the 2013 scene … Read more