Elf Power: Twitching In Time [Album Review]

Elf Power Twitching In Time Orange Twin Records [2017] Who: One of the more resilient acts from the fabled Elephant Six Collective, Elf Power is still making incredible music. Sound: Twitching In Time is one of Elf Power’s best albums. Their blend of psychedelic power pop remains timeless and always welcome. TFN Final Take: Fourteen … Read more

Elf Power: Sunlight On The Moon [Album Review]

Elf Power Sunlight On The Moon Darla/Orange Twin Records [2013] Fire Note Says: A wonderful collection of psych pop gems that have the unmistakable Elephant 6 sound. Album Review: If you’re anything like me, you have to be pretty excited that there is a new Elf Power record out. I obsessively collected all things Elephant … Read more