The Friday Fire Track: Strand Of Oaks – “Goshen ’97” (Feat. J Mascis)

Here is the first single from Goshen, Indiana’s Strand of Oaks appropriately titled “Goshen ’97.” Founder and leader Tim Showalter has previously released several more folk oriented records under the Strand of Oaks moniker but his new record Heal finds him growing with a much louder sound. Not only can you hear this in the … Read more

Gauntlet Hair: Stills [Album Review]

Gauntlet Hair Stills Dead Oceans Records [2013] Fire Note Says: With their second album the electro-noise duo move closer to the mainstream – but only a little. Album Review: On their 2011 self-titled debut, Denver-via-Chicago duo Gauntlet Hair appeared to be one of many like-minded acts operating with a clear and obvious debt to Animal … Read more

Akron/Family: Sub Verses [Album Review]

Akron/Family Sub Versus Dead Oceans Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Akron/Family goes for a more wide open experimentation with Sub Verses. Album Review: After a friend of mine introduced me to Akron/Family with their 2009 album Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free my interest and excitement grew for what came next. That album for me … Read more

Bleached: Ride Your Heart [Album Review]

Bleached Ride Your Heart Dead Oceans Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Bleached release their debut that emotes the spirit of the 60’s girl group rock while sounding completely fresh in 2013! Album Review: Bleached have a cool name, a cool sound and a cool energy! I know that is a lot of cool but the … Read more

Phosphorescent: Muchacho [Album Review]

Phosphorescent Muchacho Dead Oceans Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Muchaco is a powerful listen about broken hearts and moving on from Phosphorescent. Album Review: I’m not sure exactly the best way to describe Muchacho, the new record from Phosphorescent. It’s not exactly Americana/folk (which is what I was expecting based on the last record, Here’s … Read more

Akron/Family Shares New Single “Until The Morning” and SXSW Schedule

Akron/Family has premiered the second single from Sub Verses – “Until the Morning”. Sub Verses is the new album due out April 30 on Dead Oceans Records. Akron/Family will be on tour in support of Sub Verses (out April 30th in North America) and will be at SXSW. Akron/Family is available for interviews and other … Read more

Night Beds: Country Sleep [Album Review]

Night Beds Country Sleep Dead Oceans Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Night Beds debut Country Sleep will win your attention in its first 71 seconds. Album Review: I am a sucker for the type of record Night Beds has released in Country Sleep. The album begins with just a simple unaccompanied tender voice in the … Read more