Adia Victoria: A Southern Gothic [Album Review]

Adia VictoriaA Southern GothicCanvasback Music [2021] The third album from Nashville-based singer/songwriter Adia Victoria, A Southern Gothic embodies everything that title suggests. Vibrating thanks to the deconstructive approach of executive producer T Bone Burnett, Victoria sings through her stories of life in a geography haunted by what the Oxford Encyclopedia describes as the paradox of … Read more

Grouplove: Big Mess [Album Review]

Grouplove Big Mess Canvasback Music [2016] Fire Note Says: Grouplove delivers a big bold pop sound and groovy rhythms. Album Review: Grouplove’s 2011 debut may have been titled Never Trust a Happy Song, but let’s face it, this band may look like some hippy jam band of alt-rockers, but they produce some of the giddiest, … Read more

Frightened Rabbit: Pedestrian Verse [Album Review]

Frightened Rabbit Pedestrian Verse Canvasback/Atlantic Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Pedestrian Verse is an honest, mature album that grows more immediate with every listen. Album Review: On their fourth LP, Frightened Rabbit offers a set of songs that feel like the soundtrack to a late night in their home city of Glasgow. Drawing on the … Read more

The Joy Formidable: Wolf’s Law [Album Review]

The Joy Formidable Wolf’s Law Atlantic Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Wolf’s Law is the record Joy Formidable fans were hoping for…and then some! Album Review: How do you follow-up a record like 2011’s The Big Roar, which was my #2 album of the year in 2011? After all, as great as that record was, … Read more

The Joy Formidable: The Big Roar [Album Review]

The Joy FormidableThe Big RoarAtlantic Records/Canvasback Music [2011] Right from the opening track, “The Everchanging Spectrum Of A Lie”, you get a solid 7:45 complex song that captures the sonic experience you are in for on The Joy Formidable’s debut full length record. Exploding guitars, pounding drums and walls of sounds are contained all within … Read more