Psycho And The Birds: Check Your Zoo EP [Album Review]

psycho-birds-check-zooPsycho And The Birds
Check Your Zoo EP
Fading Captain Series [2006]

Fire Note Says: Quick EP from Pollard’s Psycho and the Birds.

Album Review: Does Robert Pollard ever sleep? I truly believe he just has lyrics sitting around the house and in an instant, a six song EP is produced quicker than the price of gas goes up.

Under the moniker Psycho And The Birds, Pollard is back with long time buddy Todd Tobias for six more rockin’ tunes just two months after their debut album All That Is Holy [2006]. The distinction that sets Check Your Zoo apart from the full length is that Pollard’s vocals take a stronger lead above the instrumentation and the intensity of each track is turned up several notches.

In traditional fashion, no song is over 2:20 and the EP is finished just after eleven minutes. Check Your Zoo will not bring new listeners to the GBV family but it is another essential addition for the true fans collection. If anything, it will keep people salivating for Pollard’s next solo release.

Key Tracks: “Organic Comes On” / “Glorified Ushers” / “You’re So New Wave”

Artists With Similar Fire: Guided By Voices / Circus Devils / Eyesinweasel

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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