A Shoreline Dream: Avoiding The Consequences [Album Review]

A Shoreline Dream
Avoiding The Consequences
Latenight Weeknight Records [2006]

There are certain key items I look for in a quality shoegaze album. 1) Hypnotic ambient sounds that melt and mix with each track transition. 2) Rhythm based layers of music that ultimately make you forget where you are. 3) Propulsive fuzzed out vocals that come and go but in the end are the glue that holds the tracks together. Denver-based quartet A Shoreline Dream meet all of the above criteria on their debut album Avoiding The Consequences. They take you through a dark poetic story that has multiple twists and turns with each layer of instrumentation. Ryan Policky’s vocals are never placed out front for display and on several tracks, they are non-existent but as the vocals fade away, the band takes over with an extreme intensity that pushes and leads you right into the next track, creating seamless transitions. Avoiding The Consequences is an easy album to get lost in and that is not a bad thing!

Key Tracks: “Love Is A Ghost In America” / “Saturday Morning” / “Projections”

Artists With Similar Fire: Lab Partners / The High Violets / Slowdive

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-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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