Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins: Rabbit Fur Coat [Album Review]

Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins
Rabbit Fur Coat
Team Love Records [2006]

Who the hell is Jenny Lewis? She is the lead singer for Rilo Kiley, silly. What, you still don’t know who she is? Didn’t you see Coldplay’s US tour last year? Rilo Kiley was the band playing while you were gearing up for Coldplay, not paying attention. Now she has a solo album, and there are three things you should know about it. First, if you like Rilo Kiley, you will like this album. Second, it is not as good as the last Rilo Kiley album. And third, even on a bad day, I would still listen to Jenny Lewis.

The only real issue with this album is that it is a bit inconsistent. Some songs seem like they were recorded on tour and not fully developed. For some fans, it may be a bit more alt-country than they would like compared to her band’s work. It also has a hint of that southern gospel vibe, thanks to The Watson Twins (yes, they are twins, not just a name). Lastly, this album received an extra headphone rating just because she covers The Traveling Wilburys’ “Handle With Care,” which is a guilty pleasure, plus its excellent. It also helps that it features Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes) and Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie).

“Rise Up With Fists” / “Handle With Care” / “The Charging Sky”

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