Robert Pollard: From A Compound Eye [Album Review]

Robert Pollard
From A Compound Eye
Merge Records [2006]

Album Review: Someone said Guided By Voices broke up? Well that is true but take a listen to Robert Pollard’s post GBV album From A Compound Eye and you will scratch your head. The catchy wordplay lyrics are back, 8 songs are under 2 minutes and a multitude of stylistic ideas surface and then fade away.

Hello – This sounds like a “mature” Guided By Voices album. With each listen Compound gets better and better. “I’m A Strong Lion” clocks in at 1:08 and just leaves you wanting more. “US Mustard Company” is a great hum a long song reminiscent of “Goldheart Mountaintop” from the classic Bee Thousand.

I would rank this effort his best solo work and just under Isolation Drills from GBV. For a man that records thousands of songs (just in one year) this is a great collection of a mind that never stops. Oh yeah, coming in May 06 he will release 3 full length albums in the Fading Captain Series and one 7″ single. He never stops – Long live GBV!

Key Tracks: “Dancing Girls And Dancing Men” / “Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft” / “I’m A Strong Lion”

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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