Turtle Giant: Gold Tooth b/w All Light [7-Inch Feature]

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Turtle Giant
Gold Tooth b/w All Light (Live Session)
Turntable Kitchen [2012]

How many bands do you know that are based in Macau, China? Well I can now give you one – the trio Turtle Giant. The band is our featured 7-inch courtesy of the always great Turntable Kitchen. The A side track, “Gold Tooth” is a brooding song that has a steady beat as lead singer Antonio Conceição has a mixed vocal that sounds like a blending of Jeff Buckley and Win Butler (Arcade Fire) as he confidently belts out the line “Vulture our homes and call me killer” as the crescendoing guitar kicks in. It is a track that makes you want more.

The b-side here is the unreleased song “All Light (Live Session)” which is more acoustic based with a foot tapping background rhythm. It is another track that makes you want to investigate and should drive you to check out their free EP, All Hidden Places, which I highly recommend.

The packaging here gives the listener a nice cardboard jacket with a somewhat mysterious cover photo. Our copy, as pictured, is gold and limited to 50 pressings. Turntable Kitchen of course sends along recipes and a special ingredient with the music as this month Sicilian capers packed in sea-salt were quite the treat!

Turtle Giant Website
Turtle Giant Facebook
Turntable Kitchen

-Feature by Christopher Anthony

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