Video Premier: Dewey Defeats Truman – “Breathe Beneath The Waves”

Today’s video premier comes from California and North Carolina-based Dewey Defeats Truman. The trio recently returned with their 2022 EP The Way You Shatter, a 7-song set of catchy indie/emo rock that showed they could pick up right where they left off. “Breathe Beneath The Waves” is a new track from the sessions for their forthcoming album, and it’s an intriguing departure from the band’s typical fare.

All instrumental and clocking in at nearly five minutes, “Breathe Beneath The Waves” sees the band exploring new sonic territory. While many of their previous releases fit comfortably in the alternative, indie, and emo spheres, the new track pushes their sound in a direction approaching post-rock. The slower, but steady, pace is anchored by a rolling, hypnotic rhythm, while layers of guitars chime and keyboard touches are sprinkled throughout. The video’s aesthetic fits right in, with distorted footage of waterfalls, snow, and cloud formations creating an atmospheric feel.

DDT bassist and vocalist James Reader shared his thoughts on the track: “The band has been working away on new songs since the release of “The Way You Shatter,” but honestly the creative spigot just keeps flowing, so we continue to develop new ideas as they present themselves. We just released a couple of fun cover songs with “Cover Your Ears,” but wanted to get some new original stuff out there just to let folks know we’re still around. The next full-length should be out sometime around the middle of this year.”

After you watch the video, you can grab the track over at the Dewey Defeats Truman Bandcamp page HERE.

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