Company Man – “Cheap Boots Of Leather” [Video]

Millionaires are the new Middle Class. Trillionaires who own their own island nation and know the **power of synergy** are the new cool kids. Company Man can show you how $5 x 5 years = $5,000,000,000,000 *guaranteed* The math is simple!

Seems easy, right? Seems a little crazy, right? Are you asking yourself – what the hell is this? Is there a timeshare involved? All legitimate questions but there is only one answer.

Company Man is an upcoming rock n roll band comprised of some veteran artists out of Dayton, Ohio. If this track doesn’t get you a little excited, your 401(k) might be in the toilet! Start screaming now “All she wants is cheap boots of leather” and you are well on your way to Trillionaire status!

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