Fascinating: Dice Game [Album Review]

fascinating-dice-game Fascinating
Dice Game
Quality Time Records [2016]

Who: Fascinating is a trio out of Cleveland, Ohio that is one of many projects from Quality Time Records’ Ricky Hamilton. Dice Game is the debut album from the group.

Sound: Fascinating comes at you 100mph with their lower fi post punk that sounds like you are in the best sounding basement in the world. To get a good idea of what Fascinating sound like think of the lo-fi in Connections, the punk of Exploding Hearts and the raw projects over at Southpaw Records.

TFN Final Take: This debut was right up my alley with its raw laid back delivery. It is crackly, has roughed up edges and strategically gives a crap when it creates its own little sing along moments with choruses that stick. “Tonight Is For Love” is one you can scream out with the band while the pulsing “Superconductive” is a shot of adrenaline. On the foot tapping “Emily’s Street,” I challenge you not to start chiming in “Take me back to Emily’s Street – oh yeah!” as it is a key track. Dice Game is a 21-minute blast that I can assure that you will revisit quickly after just one spin as Fascinating is the real rock n roll deal!

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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