Max Gowan: Big People [Album Review]

Max Gowan Big People Self-Released [2015] Fire Note Says: Big People is a friendly, catchy blend of bedroom rock and pop hooks. Album Review: Despite the number of bands and artists who make it look easy, putting together a homemade record on your own is a harder task than it looks on the surface. Being … Read more

Matt Kivel: Days Of Being Wild [Album Review]

Matt Kivel Days Of Being Wild Woodsist Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Floating on a gorgeous ocean of reverb, Days of Being Wild is an unquestionable success! Album Review: Matt Kivel is a difficult artist to get, but difficult in the way that someone like Bon Iver was when For Emma, Forever Ago was released. … Read more

Weinland: Los Processaur [Album Review]

Weinland Los Processaur Woodphone Records [2012] Fire Note Says:  Weinland returns with a bigger sound driven by the same solid emotion. Album Review:  Immediately from opening track “Bones Checking In” you hear an evolving sound from Portland OR’s Weinland as they move away from their more hush like moments on 2009’s Breaking The Sun into … Read more