Volcano Choir: Repave [Album Review]

Volcano Choir Repave Jagjaguwar Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Repave finds Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon kicking back and having fun. Album Review: Justin Vernon has reached the status where everything he does with Bon Iver is scrutinized, complemented, made fun of, hated and loved. Basically, Bon Iver stirs an array of emotions and many people … Read more

Volcano Choir Returns with Repave This September / First NA Tour

Jagjaguwar announced the second long-player from Wisconsin six-piece ensemble Volcano Choir. “Repave builds exponentially from the musical relationship built on their 2009 debut, Unmap, and finds the band operating as a fully-realized unit, crafting their new album together over the past three years at the Fall Creek, Wisconsin studio, April Base.” I will tell you … Read more