Upchuck: Bite The Hand That Feeds [Album Review]

UpchuckBite The Hand That FeedsFamous Class Records [2023] For their sophomore record, Atlanta’s Upchuck headed to California to record Bite The Hand That Feeds, enlisting the production talents of Ty Segall. Right from the first guitar strums in the opening track, “Freaky,” you can hear Segall’s influence as its screeching rhythm mirrors his catalog’s template. … Read more

Upchuck- “Freaky” [Video]

On the forefront of Atlanta’s thriving punk community, Upchuck are bound together by a purity of intention, an organic loyalty to a thick knot of uncalculated friendships, struggles, and desires. These are songs about the joy of continuing to live, songs that find each other in the rush of a crushing reality, propelling the listener … Read more